Holidays & Closings

Vacations and holiday closings

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Before your family vacations

Please notify us in advance of any vacation(s) during which your child will not be in attendance. We are always interested in the well-being and whereabouts of your child when they are not at Zadie’s. Please be advised that pre-payment of monthly tuition is required in full in order to maintain your child’s enrollment.

When it snows or in case of emergency

Every effort will be made to keep Zadie’s open during inclement weather. However, for the safety of our children, parents and staff, the director will use their discretion in regards to closings and/or delayed openings.

If you’re unsure whether the center will be open or closed, please call before traveling to Zadie’s. Call the voicemail at (908) 277-8584 or (908) 277-4125 after 5am the morning of to determine if Zadie’s is open, closed or having a delayed opening. If an emergency closing is necessary, you’ll hear a recorded message when you call.

If we find it necessary to close early due to inclement weather or any unforeseen emergency, we will notify parents by phone and/or email as early as possible. A late fee will be charged for parents who pick up their child after the designated early closing time.

Please keep in mind the safety of every child is paramount. During emergencies, our goal is to have every child and every staff member safely home as quickly as possible.